FAQs Page

1. What is INKvestment Tank; am I getting, ink, a printer or both?

Both! INKvestment Tank all-in-one inkjet printers enable you to print, copy, scan and fax. INKvestment Tank all-in-one printers use an internal ink storage tank and expanded ink capacity cartridges that help to minimize the need for ink cartridge replacement. INKvestment Tank printers deliver up to 1-year of ink in-box¹ without the need to change cartridges. INKvestment Tank XL Extended Print models provide up to 2-years of ink in-box.³  

2. Is INKvestment Tank a cartridge or bottle system? Is there a benefit of one over the other?

INKvestment Tank all-in-one inkjet printers use clean, familiar cartridges that have been reengineered to hold more ink and work with the printer’s internal ink storage tank to minimize the need for cartridge replacement. The advantage of a cartridge system is that there are no messy refills needed. Just remove the empty cartridge, snap in a replacement and you’re all set.

3. Are INKvestment Tank cartridges included in the box? How Many INKvestment cartridges are included?

Yes, INKvestment Tank all-in-one inkjet printers come with 4 cartridges in the box to provide up to one year1 of convenient, worry-free printing.  The XL models include either 4 or 8 cartridges in the box and deliver up to 2-years of printing.3

4. Can I use INKvestment Tank cartridges with other Brother inkjet devices?

INKvestment Tank cartridges are designed specifically to work with INKvestment Tank all-in-one inkjet printers and are not compatible with other Brother inkjet devices.

5. What does the XL mean and what is the benefit?

XL indicates that the INKvestment Tank all-in-one printer model comes with enough ink to provide up to two years of printing without the need to replace ink cartridges.3

6. What is Brother Refresh auto-fulfillment and is it available for INKvestment Tank printers?

Brother Refresh is a smart ink and toner replenishment service from Brother that detects when your ink is running low and automatically places a replacement order that ships right to your door to help you avoid the inconvenience of running out of ink at the worst possible time. There are no subscription costs or cancellation fees for Brother Refresh – you pay only for the ink you need. All INKvestment Tank all-in-one printers are Brother Refresh-eligible. For more information, go to https://refresh.brother-usa.com/.

7. I still have some questions about INKvestment Tank. Where can I get additional information?

For additional information and support, please call our toll-free Customer Service line at 1-877-BROTHER (877-276-8437); send us an email at support@brotherinkvestment.com or use our Live Chat feature. Brother Customer Service is available Monday–Friday from 9 am to 9 pm EST.